4.1 Within 90 days of the ratification of this agreement by the Board of Education, the District shall cause the Agreement to be translated into Spanish and Chinese, and sent to the Union. The District shall thereafter provide the Union at least sixty (60) days to identify and give feedback to the District regarding translation issues and/or problems with translations of the English version into Spanish and/or Chinese version(s). If any conflicts or disputes arise regarding the translation or proper interpretation of any term or provision of this agreement, the intent, and language of the English language version of the agreement shall prevail. Within 90 days after the expiration of this (60) day period, the District shall post the English and translated version on the District’s website and simultaneously will make available 250 Spanish and 250 Chinese copies for distribution to all employees in the bargaining unit, and future bargaining unit employees to be hired within the effective period of the contract. The parties shall mutually agree on the format and design of the agreement to be printed. The cost of printing and translating the agreement and any additional required copies shall be borne equally by the District and Local 1021. A list of the health benefits, sick leave and vacation accrual benefits, and holiday benefits currently available to employees of the District is included in Appendix B of this Agreement.

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