27.1 Long Term Disability Coverage

The District shall provide all permanent employees represented by the Union with a fully paid Income Protection Plan, which shall be integrated with sick leave or other leave provisions, at the option of the employee.

27.2 Group Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

The District shall provide permanent unit members a fully paid Group Life and Accidental Dismemberment Policy providing a $25,000 level term insurance coverage until retirement or separation from employment, plus a $25,000 accidental death benefit.

27.2.1 Family Care on Death of Employee

In conjunction with the City and County’s Health Service System’s eligibility rules, the District will contact and provide next-of-kin with benefit continuation information as follows. Survivors of deceased employees hired prior to January 8, 2009 shall receive survivor benefits equal to lifetime retiree health benefits pending final approval from the Health Service System. Survivors of deceased employees hired after January 9, 2009 are not eligible for survivor benefits per the Health Service System’s eligibility rules. However, they are eligible for COBRA benefits for up to eighteen (18) months after the loss of active employee coverage, and will be contacted by the District’s Benefits team with regards to this process.

27.3 Group Dental

The District shall provide unit members who are eligible for health benefits from the District with Delta Dental Care Program, #652.

The District shall provide increased general dental coverage in the amount of $2000 for those who select the Delta Dental preferred dentist option. Those who do not select the Delta Dental preferred dentist option shall continue to receive $1500 in coverage. The District shall provide orthodontia to $750 lifetime for each bargaining unit member and covered dependents as soon as administratively available.

27.4 Retiree Dental

Upon retirement the District will extend to retired employees the option to purchase dental coverage at the group COBRA rate for up to eighteen (18) months. This coverage will be a continuation of active employee coverage and is the same coverage provided to current employees.

27.5 Temporary Provisions

The winter and spring recess will not represent a break in continuous services for temporary employees.

27.6 Worker’s Compensation

27.6.1 Worker’s Compensation benefits shall be integrated with sick leave or other leave provisions at the option of the employee. Said benefits shall not exceed 100% of the employee’s normal salary. There shall be no accelerated replacement of sick leave benefits that may have been used for this purpose.

27.6.2 Whenever possible the District will offer light or modified duty assignments. A uniform policy on these assignments will be developed and presented to the Union for consultation before the end of the 2016-17 school year.

27.7 District Paid Fringe Benefits While on Unpaid Leave The District will cease payment of any and all contributions for employee health and dental benefits for those employees who remain on unpaid status outside of a Protected Leave in excess of twelve (12) continuous weeks. Protected Leaves are defined as approved sick leave, workers’ compensation leave, family care leave, or mandatory administrative leave. Following expiration of the employee’s family care leave, the employee may request personal leave due to hardship (pursuant to the procedures of the Department of Human Resources). The District shall not pay the employer contribution for medical and dental benefits during personal leave; the employee may cover the full cost of insurance out-of pocket to retain their benefits while on leave. In addition, the District will continue payment of all regular contributions for employee health and dental benefits for an employee on a holdover list during the time period that the employee verifies that the employee does not have alternative health care coverage. The verification process shall be established by the Department of Human Resources and the Union.

27.8 State Disability

Employees on State Disability may choose to have their sick leave benefits integrated with their disability payment by informing the Leaves and Separations Office in the Human Resources Department.

27.8.1 Said provision shall be promulgated each semester in the Weekly Administrative Directive (WAD) and posted on employment information boards at each worksite.

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