16.1 Video Display Terminals/Comfort Standards

A goal of the District is to provide working environments for unit members that are safe, healthy and avoid continuous exposure to video display terminals and other repetitive strain risks. The parties recognize the desirability for comfortable and ergonomically correct work station standards for employees.

16.2 Career Pathways and Promotional Provisions

Promotional preference will be given to internal candidates who:

  • Have reached step 5 in their classification,
  • Have at least two (2) recent (within three (3) years of this application) performance evaluations of at least “competent and effective”, and
  • Meet the minimum qualifications of the position

16.2.1 Applicants meeting these criteria will be interviewed for promotions for permanent civil service positions when they are reachable on the civil service list, and will be prioritized for interviews and considerations for the position before any external candidates are interviewed.

If there are more than 5 internal applicants meeting the criteria, at least those 5 with the greatest years of service to the district will be interviewed.

16.3 Clerical workers shall be provided with a written description of the work per site to be completed during their shift and when break periods are to occur. By mutual agreement between the supervisor and the employee break periods may be left to the discretion of the worker.

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