12.1 Paid Floating Holiday

Bargaining unit members shall have five (5) floating holidays (including Lunar New Year) per fiscal year. Bargaining unit member have the right to flexibly schedule two (2) of the five (5) floating holidays.

All floating holidays must be designated by unit member prior to the end of the unit member’s work year and must be taken prior to June 30.

12.1.1 An employee may request the scheduling of the other three (3) floating holidays from their supervisor who is designated as responsible for vacation approval. While each request will be considered on an individual basis, school-term employees will not normally be approved to take a floating holiday on student attendance days.

12.2 Unit Member Holidays

12.2.1 Bargaining unit members shall be entitled to holidays as set forth in Appendix B (1) (c) of this Agreement.

12.2.2 Additional Paid Holidays

In addition to the holidays referenced in section 12.2.1 bargaining unit members are entitled to paid District holidays designated by the Board of Education.

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