The San Francisco Unified School District (hereinafter District) voluntarily recognizes the Service Employees International Union Joint Council of Public Employees, (hereinafter Union) as exclusive representative of the appropriate Blue Collar and Student Nutrition Services and the appropriate Clerical and Technical Services bargaining unit pursuant to Section 33050 of the Rules and Regulations of the Educational Employment Relations Act. The classifications in these bargaining units are designated in Appendix G of this Agreement. The District affirms that the Union has made a showing of majority support in these bargaining units.

1.1 Placement of New Classifications

The Union shall provide the District with a list of new classifications that it proposes for unit inclusion. After reviewing said list, the District and the Union shall meet to discuss the appropriateness of the possible unit modification, potential conflicts in District designations of management and confidential positions, and the recognition procedures of the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB). Except for instances of appropriateness and designation conflicts, the District shall not attempt to block the Union’s request for a PERB unit modification.

If there are newly created classifications in the future about which the District and the Union cannot agree regarding unit inclusion or exclusion, the matter shall be submitted to the Public employment Relations Board for possible unit modification.

1.2 Classification Accretion

The District will accrete the following job classification to the Union:

1410 – Chief Clerk 1632 – Senior Accounting Clerk 1634 – Principal Accounting Clerk 1844 – Sr. Management Assistant 2656 – Chef 7450 – Shade & Drapery Worker 7451 – Senior Shade and Drapery Worker

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